Arezzo Back in Time transports you to Roman, Medieval and Renaissance times

Arezzo Back in Time transports you to Roman, Medieval and Renaissance times

Arezzo Back in Time

When: July 29 to July 31, 2016
Where: Arezzo
Entrance: free

Arezzo Back in Time is the largest multi-ages historical event in Europe with over 1000 re-enactors in 55 historical groups and 120 shows in 10 different locations.

Step into the time machine that will transport you back in time to three different periods of the history of Arezzo and its people.

arezzo-back-in-time-1Roman-Etruscan Time
The Arena Cilnia (Roman Amphitheater) hosts about 20 Roman tents belonging to three different civilizations. The main characters are gladiators and legionaries from the Roman Republic and its contemporary people, the Etrurians and Gauls.
Events include: Gladiator battles, ancient board games, battles, ceremonies, dancing and the Etruscan writing school.

Middle Ages
The Castrum Tarlati (Medici Fortress) hosts a military camp with more than 30 tents. In the camp, there is also a Joust and Tournament Area and the “Magic Circle” with jesters and fire-eaters.
Events include: show with fire and clowns, heroic tales, musicians and dancers, sword tournament, chivalry joust, rough ball games, great battle, flag-wavers, and musicians.

Piazza delle Arti (Piazza Vasari) hosts a large market area (both historical and artisanal). You will see a dashing reconstruction of an aristocratic palace with guard-house, armory, a noble convivium with a dress exhibition.
Events include: Assault to the market, jesters, and dancers, weaponry craft, flag-wavers, and musicians.

Furthermore, the streets of Arezzo will be filled with street artist and food originating from each period will be served. During the Festival you can visit original sites which are usually closed to tourists.

Program highlights:

Roman-Etruscan Time | The Arena Cilnia (Roman Amphitheater)
Friday, July 29
6.35 pm | Re-enactment of Etruscan ceremony, battle between Gauls and Romans
9.15 pm | Gladiator fights

Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31
6 pm | Pentathlon Games between Gauls, Romans and Etruscans
6.45 pm | Re-enactment of Etruscan ceremony, battle between Gauls and Romans
8.30 pm | Scenes from Etruscan life
9.15 pm | Gladiator fights

Medieval Time | The Castrum Tarlati (Medici Fortress)
Friday, July 29
7 pm | Arezzo Flag-wavers show
7.30 pm | Big medieval tournament
11.15 pm | Fire show

Saturday, July 30
6 pm | Big medieval tournament
9 pm | Knight Tournament
9.45 | Flag-wavers show
10.30 pm | Fire show

Sunday, July 31
6 pm | Historical ball game
9 pm | Battle between armed companies
10.15 pm | Dance show

6 pm | Openings ceremony with flag-waver show and music | Piazza Grande
6 pm – 11 pm | Renaissance market, children’s games | Piazza Grande
11.15 pm | Mercenaries and musketeers exercises and pikemen battles | Piazza Grande

Saturday, July 30
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm | Various flag-wavers shows | Corso Italia
7 pm | Renaissance dances | Piazza Grande
8 pm | Changing of the Guards | Piazza Grande
10.45 pm | Musketeers and duels | Piazza Grande

Sunday, July 31
10 pm | Big parade with all historical groups | Piazza Duomo

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