Ilaria Leganza

Type: Pantings, pictures
Address: Florence(FI)
Services: paintings and artistic photographs
Language: italian /english

Ilaria Leganza is a young artist of Sicialian origins who lives and works in Florence. She has  specialization in Visual Arts and Multimedia Languages. Since 2000 she has exhibited in numerous public, private and museum spaces in Florence, in other Italian cities and abroad (Germany, New York) with works ranging from pictorial to photographic technique, to the design of “in side” installations.

The creative fulcrum of her artistic production is to be found in the deepening of the intimate and social relationship between the individual and the living context in the postmodern dimension.

The artist has great interest in urban and metropolitan visions, which translates into her entire pictorial production, from the cycle of ” Life on the roofs” in 2001 to that of the “Cities of wires” of 2015, from the study and the research of the architectural, anthropological and spatial dimension that outlines perspectives of a neo-eminent neo-urbanism that dialogues with characters taken from real life. In the “Cities of wires”.

As the painter likes to call them, caged expectations and relationships are represented on the background of severe skyscrapers façades the symbolic tragicographies of the cosmopolitan citizen stand out, active survivor who weaves the possible continuity between conservation and innovation. Among the titles of his recent narrative creations we can clearly identify the character of his poetics, deeply critical and attentive to the present and future problems of the world in which we live.


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